Simple, accessible digital exhibitions — built by you.

Curalus makes it easy to create an engaging, digital exhibition app to install in your museum or art gallery.


Curalus is simple to use and update, allowing you to focus on your content.


With Curalus, digital exhibitions look great out of the box. You can also customize the design, all with a few clicks.


Make your information accessible to everyone. Visitors can use Curalus to engage with your digital exhibition even if they don’t see the screen.


Support your exhibition with supplementary audio and video content, or use them as the main attraction.


Print waste is a huge contributor to the environmental footprint of the cultural industry. Cut down on printed catalogs and information panels — and save trees!

Easy to Update

Edit your digital exhibitions within Curalus based on user feedback, correct those pesky errors, and update content in real-time.


From small foyer displays to a large-scale travelling exhibitions, Curalus caters for any scale of installation. Start with a single iPad and increase your service up or down as needed.


Curalus is designed specifically for the iPad and can be used in a group setting, creating a shared, activated social experience.

How it works

Step 1 - Upload

Create your digital exhibitions by logging into Curalus using a web browser. Upload images and assets, enter your text, and organise your pages as needed.

Step 2 - Preview

When you’re ready to go, preview your digital exhibitions on-device by syncing with your iPad.

Step 3 - Deploy

Easily deploy multiple iPads to different areas within the space — your digital exhibitions will automatically be kept up to date as you make changes.